Drift Trikes BIG SALE for adults and kids.       Recumbent Trikes BIG SALE for adults and kids.
Trike drifting - drifting downhill in high speed. It originates in New Zealand and is sweeping around the world. Are you ready to experience how crazy it is?
Recumbent trikes are excellent fitness equipments. You can ride it faster than traditional trikes!

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about trikes
Kindle ebook - Teach your kids bicycling in 24Hours Or Less Kindle ebook - Teach your kids bicycling in 24Hours Or Less

about trikes
DVD - How To Choose The Best Trike For You How To Choose The Best Trike For You

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Drift Trikes are not adults' game only, but also for kids. It is a perfect birthday gift or Christmas gift for your kids.
Recumbent Trikes is designed for riding in high speed. It held the world record of bicycle speed.

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